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New Wrestlers! 

Here you can find all you need to know about joining wrestling! 


Wrestling Basics

Wrestling is the oldest sport known in history and currently, girl's and women's wrestling is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. Girls Wrestling in the United States is on an uprise as over 33,000 high-school girl participates and join wrestling teams with over 130 college wrestling programs and it continues to trend upward every year allowing more girls the opportunity to wrestle in college.

There are three different styles of wrestling - Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco. Folkstyle is wrestled at the middle and high school levels in the USA. Freestyle is a Women's college-level style and Olympic level style. Greco is an Olympic level style where wrestlers are not allowed to "attack" anything below the waist. All of these styles are also run at high school off-season tournaments. 

Wrestling helps teach wrestlers the fundamentals of life by overcoming obstacles, using discipline to handle emotions and control healthy habits, teaches the importance of team, and that success has to be earned through hard work, perseverance and determination. 

What you need


Wrestling Shoes, Work out clothes.

Optional: Headgear, Knee pads. 



Wrestling Shoes, Singlet, Headgear.

Optional: Knee pads. 


Positive Attitude, Willingness to learn. 



Stance:  This is your body position and posture on the mat while in a neutral position. 

Penetration Step: Offensive movement that puts you in a position to attack and score in neutral. 

Level Change: Raising and lowering your hips to set up or execute an attack or counter your opponent. 

Neutral Position: Standing position while in your stance. 

Referee's Position: Top/Bottom position on the mat in Folkstyle. 

Par Terre: Top/Bottom position on the mat in Freestyle and Greco. 

Takedown: Gaining control on the mat after scoring on your opponent from a neutral position. 

Back Exposure: Turning your opponent over their back in Freestyle and Greco.

Passivity Call or Shot Clock: When the passive wrestler is put on a 30-second time limit to score from the neutral position in Freestyle. 

Reversal: A move that puts a defensive wrestler in a position of control as the offensive wrestler. 

Escape: A move used in the bottom referee's position that allows you to escape your opponent.

Breakdown: A move used in the top referee's position that forces your opponent off balance and down to the mat. 

Pin: Holding your opponent's shoulders down on the mat for a 2-3 second period. 

Match scoring

A wrestling match at the high-school level is a total of  6 minutes divided into 3 periods for a total of 2 minutes in each period. 

Takedown: 2 points 

Escape: 1 point

Reversal: 2 points

Back Exposure: 2 points in Freestyle when you hold or turn your opponent on or across their back past a 90-degree angle.

Near fall: 2 points in Folkstyle if you hold your opponents back past a 45-degree angle toward the mat for two seconds; 3 points if you hold for five seconds or more. 

Passivity Rule: In Freestyle, if the passive wrestler scores, they receive the regular points awarded for their move. If no wrestler scores, the active wrestler receives 1 point. If the active wrestler scores on the passive wrestler, they are awarded points for their move and 1 point for the passivity rule. 

Pin: Hold your opponent down fully on their shoulders for 2-3 seconds to end the match. 

Stalling: 1st call is a warning, your 2nd-4th call is 1 point each for your opponent and your 5th call is a disqualification.  

Illegal hold: 1 point for your opponent 

Unsportsmanlike conduct: 1 point for your opponent


Most importantly

Although wrestling teaches you many things, it's important to remember to have fun being a sponge. Soak up all the knowledge you can in order to push yourself to the next level while having fun and enjoying your time in wrestling. Encourage yourself and your team to have fun while working hard. 


           Dream. Work. Earn


Wrestle like a Girl. 
Because Girls Can Do anything. 

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