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Founded in 2021, the Lady Rangers Wrestling Club (LRWC) is a Non-Profit Organization that has set out to be a practice room where any girl is welcome. The Lady Rangers aim to have practices, clinics, and eventually tournaments just for girls. The goal is to spread this type of enthusiasm and help introduce girls wrestling clubs statewide. Not only does LRWC encourage the growth of girl wrestling clubs in Virginia, but the LRWC plans to help build the next generation of women's coaches through an internship program where college and high-school girls are encouraged to help run and eventually lead clinics or practices for the experience. LRWC feels that this will help encourage more wrestlers to explore coaching and see firsthand what it is like to run a club of their own as well as encourage more girls to join our sport. 

Your donation to the LRWC will help fund equipment, clinics, camps, tournaments, education, and much more.

All donations go directly back into the Lady Rangers Wrestling Club to fulfill our mission.

To learn more about starting your own girl's wrestling club, please contact

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